Sheldon is currently working with the Louis Riel Institute to produce textbooks in the Illustrated Metis History series. Books in this series portray events from the Metis perspective and have been approved for use in Manitoba schools as part of the grades 2, 4 and 6 History curriculums.  Titles in this series include: Upper Fort Garry, 2011 (grade 6), James McKay, 2011(grade 6), Times of Trouble, 2010 (grade 4), The Metis Nation, 2009 (grade 2), Louis Riel and the Resistance of 1885, 2009 (grade 6), The Battle of Seven Oaks, 2009 (grade 4), The Buffalo Hunters, 2008 (grade 4) and Louis Riel, 2008 (grade 6).