Apr 15


Apr 15


Feb 14

Art Exhibition – March 7-18, 2014

Labyrinth (detail)

Lost in the Labyrinth (detail) /2014 /acrylic/5’x10′

Pictured is a segment of Sheldon’s recent large scale painting “Lost in the Labyrinth” which will be exhibited at Cre8ery Gallery from March 7th to 18th along with works by 4 other artists; Susan Birdwise, Kathleen Black, Helen Lyons and Marim Daien Zipursky.

Opening Reception 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday March 7th at Cre8ery Gallery (second floor) 125 Adelaide Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Feb 13

Wool – Illustration Friday challenge

This judge is about to have the wool pulled over his eyes, in a scene from Do Unto Otters, written by Grant and Benjamin Anderson, published by Pemmican Publications.

The evidence was quickly revealed

That sentence would not be repealed

The jury’s verdict came quickly

The cow was found guilty

All because the dirty pig squealed

Nov 12

Tree – Illustration Friday challenge

Painting Scenery/2010/ acrylic on board/ 8″x10″

Oct 12

Sky – Illustration Friday challenge

Piece of the Sky H5 /2006/acrylic on board/24″x 24″

Sep 12

Imagination – Illustration Friday challenge

“The Pumpkin Queen’s Garden” from A is for Artist, published by Medea Gallery.


Aug 12

Identical – Illustration Friday challenge

detail from Performance/2008/acrylic on canvas

Aug 12

Bounce – Illustration Friday challenge

We thought Grandma was a bit of a nut

It was proven when she got a bad cut

The old girl got a scare

When she found her teeth on a chair

By biting herself on the butt


Illustration from Do Unto Otters, written by Grant Anderson, published by Pemmican Publications.

Jul 12

Carry – Illustration Friday challenge

Illustration from The Buffalo Hunters, written by Jean LaPrairie, published by the Louis Riel Institute.