Puzzled – Illustration Friday challenge

Piece of the Sky CB14/2006/acrylic on board/14″x13″

Piece of the Sky RNH3/2006/acrylic on board/24″x24″


“Pieces of the Sky” is a series of 15 paintings about the fragmentary nature of our awareness and the unifying essence that lies beneath the surface of individual identity. These pieces combine recurring elements with unique details to reflect the dynamic balance between the opposing forces of cohesion and fragmentation.

The separate pieces in this series represent partial truths and partial awareness. Individual beliefs are depicted as fragments of a larger more inclusive truth and individual identities are portrayed as the infinitely varied and detailed disguises adopted by the fragments of a larger unified awareness.

While the costumes in these pieces disguise the essential similarity of the figures that wear them, I have portrayed the disguises as objects of beauty in their own right. Each painting in this series celebrates both the truth of unity and the beauty of multiplicity.



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