Jul 12

Art Exhibition – July 20th to 31st, 2012

The Inner Journey/2012 /acrylic/24″x24″

Sheldon’s recent painting “The Inner Journey” will be exhibited at Cre8ery Gallery from July 20th to 31st along with works by 48 other current members of the Manitoba Society of Artists. This exhibition celebrates the MSA’s 110th anniversary.

Opening Reception 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM July 20th at Cre8ery Gallery (second floor) 125 Adelaide Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Jun 12

Space – Illustration Friday challenge

A daring young astronaut Jose

Loved floating in space all day

Zero gravity was astronomical

His friends found him comical

And gave him the nickname “No Weigh”

From Do Unto Otters, written by Grant Anderson, published by Pemmican Publications.

Jun 12

Secret – Illustration Friday challenge

This smug, smiling wolf has a guilty secret…

Three friends decided by vote

to travel to Spain in a boat

but when they arrived

only one had survived

and it wasn’t the duck or the goat

From Do Unto Otters written by Grant Anderson, published by Pemmican publications.


Jun 12

Shiny – Illustration Friday challenge

Golden-cheeked warbler/2008/acrylic on canvas

Jun 12

Hurry – Illustration Friday challenge

Illustration from What Could You Do In Your Canoe? Written by Louise Gordey, published by Pemmican Publications.

May 12

sight – Illustration Friday challenge

Receiving the Vision/1998/acrylic on board/36″ x 24″

May 12

kernel – Illustration Friday challenge

This First Nations girl is havesting corn kernels by rubbing the cobs against each other. Previous steps in the planting and harvesting process are illustrated below. From a set of educational sequence cards published by Native Reflections Inc.

Apr 12

Jump – Illustration Friday challenge








Illustration from Do Unto Otters, written by Grant Anderson, published by Pemmican Publications.

Apr 12

Book Launch – Kookum’s Red Shoes, May 12, 2012


Pemmican Publications and McNally Robinson Booksellers present the Book Launch of Kookum’s Red Shoes written by Peter Eyvindson and Illustrated by Sheldon Dawson.

May 12, 2012, 2:00 p.m. at McNally Robinson Booksellers, Winnipeg, Grant Park, in the Atrium.

Kookum’s Red Shoes is a moving and sensitive account of one woman’s Residential School experience. Kookum (grandmother) is now an elderly woman, but she remembers well how she was torn away from her family, her home and her dreams when she was a young girl.

The story is told with the empathy, clarity and encouragement readers have come to expect from Peter Eyvindson, and illustrated with warmth and verve by illustrator Sheldon Dawson.


Apr 12

Heights – Illustration Friday challenge

1994/acrylic on canvas/18″ x 24″